…and the rest is Bitchstory!

For Mindy Hayden, fishing has always been a family affair.   She’s been casting a line ever since she can remember, growing up fishing the flats of the Florida Keys with her father and taking angling adventures to the Bahamas with her mother.  Mindy has continued that legacy with her own family, passing on her passion for fishing to her children.

Several years ago, her teenage son Cole became obsessed with finding the perfect fishing lure.  He experimented with his own designs, and even carved and painted a custom jig lure out of wood.

“I jokingly told him he should call it his ‘Bait Bitch,’” recalls Mindy.  “We got a good laugh out of it – and that’s when my imagination got the better of me.  I had an idea:  Why not create a lure that would catch fish and add some extra fun while you’re at it?”

Like any good fisherman, Mindy couldn’t let this one get away.  Always the artistic type, she began experimenting with designs, molding prototypes from polymer clay.  Over the next four years, she refined her design and tested a wide range of products to find just the right mixture that would offer top performance while using the greenest materials available.  At last, BaitBitch was ready for her debut.

Joining Mindy in bringing BaitBitch to the worldwide market are her mother, Pat, and long-time family friend, Juanita.  “The Bitches,” as they are affectionately known, are thoroughly enjoying this unique opportunity to work and play together.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to fishing and fun.

“Some of the best times of my life have been spent drifting on a boat, with a line out,” says Mindy.  “I want to help everyone capture that simple joy.”